Criminal Trial by Mr.Deepak Bajaj

On Thursday, the AIL students and teachers were addressed by Mr. Deepak Bajaj, a lawyer practicing in the Punjab and Haryana High Court. Mr. Bajaj not only has a great knowledge and experience when it comes to the field of law but also has diplomas in areas like criminology and forensic science.

He started his speech by highlighting the importance of fair trial in a democracy like ours. Using the famous Ajmal Kasab case as an example, he very aptly went on to say how the State gave Kasab a chance to fair trial even though his crime, so heinous and grave, was known to the entire nation and needed no proof.

He went on to explain the various stages of trial in a criminal court. Starting with the lodging of an FIR to the investigation of the matter at hand, he told us how the various provisions of the Criminal Procedure Code that cater to both the accused and the plaintiff. He elaborated upon collection of evidence and facts by the concerned authorities, the framing of the charge, acceptance of the charge by the accused, choice of the accused to either plead guilty or choose trial in court. He explained how an offence, no matter what the circumstances, should be proved beyond any reasonable doubt.

He ended his speech by giving the students a few tips on how to crack the judiciary exams. A very crisp and captivating lecture with a slight dash of humour was a pleasure to attend.


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