Job Opportunity: Infosys, Bangalore is hiring Corporate lawyer (3-5 yrs PQE)

Infosys is looking for a lawyer with 3-5 years of experience in commercial contracts. The role will support our European market and will be based in Bangalore. The successful candidate will be required to independently review, negotiate and support our sales team in bringing in new business for Infosys in Europe. Anna Chandi (Class of 2009) and Supriya Kulkarni (Class of 2008) are part of this team and will be happy to explain the role in more detail to interested candidates. You can also send your CVs to either or

Job description

  • Assist in protecting the Company’s legal interests and maintaining its operations within the scope established by law. Analyzing legal issues and issues related to commercial risks, and presenting clear recommendations, and assuring legal compliance
  • Undertaking drafting of commercial agreement’s like Master Service Agreements, Alliance Agreements, License Agreements and other agreements relevant to the business of an Information Technology service provider
  • Reviewing proposals, assisting in preparing proposals and providing assistance in responding to tenders, RFP’s etc Participating in negotiations with customer and vendors and ensuring conformance with internal contracting requirements and risk mitigation requirements
  • Undertaking legal advisory functions in relation to general corporate compliance. Tracking laws and regulations that are relevant to the Company’s business and policies. Providing legal advice to all levels of executive staff.

Desired Skills and Experience

Education Qualification: LLB

Experience: 3-5 years

Requesting candidates to please apply along with their CV’s only.

  • Professional:
    Generic Legal Knowledge: Basic knowledge of key principles and terminology in all legal practice areas (contracts, IP etc.) to complete the assigned task with guidance across areas, including good drafting skills with respect to legal documents.
  • Domain Knowledge: Basic knowledge of relevant market trends in own area of legal practice in order to give inputs for taking an appropriate decision.
  • Legal Research & Analysis: Thorough knowledge of legal research methodology (including information gathering, fact collection and analysis) so as to deliver and integrate pertinent legal advice with the facts.
  • Industry/ Market Knowledge: Basic knowledge of key macro-economic trends in order to understand the link and impact on Infosys’ business. Basic knowledge of financial aspects, policies and practices to support the finance teams in the relevant practice area, by providing appropriate inputs to analyze the prevailing situation/ scenario. Exposure to the legal side of the IT industry will be an added advantage.


  • Must have strong and effective written and spoken communication skills
  • Must be a team player
  • Must be constantly involved in learning and innovation processes within the organization and the department
  • Must have the ability to analyze and apply logical reasoning while addressing issues
  • Must have good organizational and time management skills.

The job opportunity was shared by Supriya Kulkarni (


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