Throwback Thursday (A tribute to Capt. Sumit Kumar Ray)

Capt. Sumit Kumar Ray was from the batch of 2008-2013. He was  an avid mooter and was the first from his batch to join the armed forces. In his memory, the Blue Pencil dedicates this edition of Throwback Thursday to him.

  1. Receiving a cash price on winning the Jamia Milia National Moot Court Competition.photo1
  2. We (the fourth years) remember him as the bench for our novices (back in 2012).24540_1411116767160_5534644_n
  3. Freshers – Back in those days.315950_2305990858453_4612502_n
  4. Flag hoisting at Independence day.12358096_1687161824903524_192088146_n (1)
  5. That same flag post – during the night.581209_3993954176481_385681205_n

One Comment Add yours

  1. Shreshth joshi says:

    hope u r in a better place…
    Take care bro..


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