AIL’s new Code of Conduct (Draft)

In July 2015, a new Code of Conduct (“COC”) was introduced unilaterally by the AIL Administration. Amongst the various new clauses that were introduced, the COC increased the amount of the fines levied in cases of default, implemented a system that ensured that any major violation by the student would taint the character certificate of the student and made wearing slippers in the mess an offence (the last clause really ticked off people!).

The same was followed by various instances of student agitation. It was only after a major instance of agitation in the Boys Hostel, that the administration began to reconsider the COC.

Subsequently, a Drafting Committee was set-up that was entrusted with the task of redrafting the COC while keeping in mind student demands and grievances.

Here’s a glimpse into the new Code of Conduct.

Clause 3.1 – The Prefect Body so functional in the institute shall stand dissolved after this code of conduct comes into effect and fresh elections for new Student Council i.e. Armv Institute of Law- Student Council shall be held and the same shall stay permanently till the time this Institute exists.

Clause 4.1.6 – All religions shall be treated equally by the members of the Army Institute of Law and a spirit of brotherhood and respect for each other shall be created in the Institute. Customs like celebration of Ganesh Chaturthi, Lohri, Holi etc. shall be respected by the management.


Clause 6.2.1 – Proper decorum and silence is needed to be maintained in the Library by the members. Library shall also be made open for access to the members of the institute with the following timings:  Monday – Sunday: 0900 hrs till 2300 hrs.


Chapter 6 – Major offences, acts of indiscipline and penalties – Unless otherwise provided, apart from being booked under the section relevant and being punished, no further penalty shall be given to the student and also his/her Character Certificate or any other document that he/she needs in future shall be left unharmed and untouched and the same shall have no bearing whatsoever of the act so committed.

 The entire draft of the Code of Conduct can be accessed here: AIL Code of Conduct


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