Midnight Munchies – Top 4 places to order from when the hunger pangs hit

Looking for late night, 24 hour restaurants in Chandigarh? These are the best restaurants in Chandigarh that strive to serve us insomniacs food for our hunger pangs in the middle of the night to our doorstep.

There is nothing quite so powerful as the urge to eat. If you have odd shift hours at the office or you are studying late at night or are facing major muchie crisis, don’t let your stomach growl.

Though most restaurants shut by 12am—with last orders taken around 10.30-11pm, some great eateries stay open well into the morning. So if you haven’t till now it’s time you tried these places.


Serves you North Indian, Chinese, Italian and Continental cuisines and they take orders from 1pm till about 4 am. They take a minimum order of Rs.450 and their prices may seem a little steep on a student pocket money or if you’re on a budget crunch but I’ll tell you this they do not disappoint. They food is well cooked and yummy, the staff is courteous and friendly and for your sweet tooth there are deserts as well.


Serves you North Indian, Chinese and Continental cuisines and not to forget pizzas as well. The menu is pretty exhaustive they’ve got shakes, chicken, roti, pizzas, kathis you name it and they have it. They provide their services from 7pm till 3 am. Personally not a big fan of this place but then I’m really finicky with my food but hey to each their own.


This place is one of the few in Chandigarh that is OPEN 24 HOURS to home deliver food anywhere in the Tri-City. The food is great also the servings are pretty generous and also people like me staying in the hostel the prices are pretty pocket-friendly. The minimum order is only Rs. 150 which is a pretty good deal in the dead of the night. They have a range of vegetarian and non-vegetarian sandwiches to offer us with a side of coleslaw and chips. Also they have quite a number a things for the diet freaks. A personal favorite and a MUST TRY.


Okay so if you ask me this guy is like a savior, he’s an angel sent by god for us living in and around AIL believe me. All I know is that he lives somewhere in Sector 68, Mohali, don’t ask me his name because I have absolutely no clue. So he will serve you hot, home cooked paranthas with butter made by his mom anytime of the day within half an hour for just 25 rupees each and they taste heavenly. So if you haven’t tried this you haven’t lived.

5. Other Places (for times when you are stuck outside hostel)

CAFÉ COFFEE DAY will serve you throughout the day.

YOGOBERRY and GELATO ITALINAO are desert parlors that stay open till 1am and 3 am respectively.

MCDONALDS, NIK BAKERS AND WRAPVILLE stay open till about 1.30am

SUNDARAMS (pure veg, south Indian cuisine) will serve you a hot meal till 1am while

THE EATING HOUSE (north Indian cuisine) stays open 24 hours.

KASHMIR FOR YOU AND LAHORE CHOWK for a casual dining experience are at your service till 1.30 am.

The write-up was submitted by Chahat Ghumman.


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