AIL Football League Auction 2015

The boys side café saw a lot of screaming and haggling immediately after college yesterday. The 3rd Year boys had come up with the idea to hold an auction for the annual football league they organize. This was the first time that the league was to be held on such a scale and that too with capital.

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AIL Football League Auction

Earlier on, they had organised a league with a points system where the captains were assigned a definite number of points they could spend. The last year saw the lottery system, and a draft as is followed in the NBA.

For the auction, a basic procedure is followed where there is bidding on the players, one by one. And the higher bidder gets the rights to the player, who will play for their team. The rules have been modified, but they majorly are in sync with the standard procedure that’s also observed in the ISL, IPL and the NBA.

This league also aims to discover the hidden talent in the students of AIL and to work on new tactics of the game. This league has given the college team players like Manish Choudhary and Adhiraj Dagger. This is also why the league is conducted a few months before a major sports fest, so that the old and the newly chosen players have time to work on their game together.

The people who came up with this idea also believe that our college does not take enough interest in football as opposed to basketball, which has become the go to sport because of the ease of access to the court.

The league will see participation from 60 college players, all of whom have represented the college in one or more tournaments. 50 players have been bought by 5 teams, which are co-owned by the 3rd and the 1st Year students.

The players with highest values are-

  • Devendra Bhanwariya-2610 points.
  • Amanpreet Singh-2100 points.
  • Rishab Bhatt-1800 points.
  • Abhimanyu Jhalani-1710 points.
  • Ishaan Saran- 1250 points.
  • Amanbir Bajwa-1210 points.
  • Himmat Singh-1180 points.
  • Rohan Sharma-1150 points.
  • Akshay Rathaur-1020 points.
  • Soloman Pratap Singh and Viraj Kadam-860 points (each).

Matches will start from November 16, 2015 in the AIL Sports ground.

Stay tuned for coverage of the AIL Football League 2015 at Blue Pencil.

Write-up submitted by Urvashi Brar.


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