Kumbra Champions League – Day 1


The first match of the Kumbra Champions league was on 16 November at 1500 hrs in the AIL Sports Ground. The first match between MLFC and Tharki Saints was captained by Himmat Singh and Rohan Sharma respectively. The match was refereed by Ishaan Saran and it was as enthralling as was expected.

The game started with some setbacks due to shortage of players, which was overcome by the sportsman spirit shown by all the players on the field. The six Tharki Saints players showed immense rigor and put their best foot forward against one of the strongest teams of the league.

Manish from the MLFC was the first player to score a goal against Tharki Saints before half time with P.K. as his assist. By the second half of the game, MLFC was a nightmare for the opposition’s defense. The striker along with the captain gave the other team a run for their money and  raised the goal points for their team by adding another 3 goals. P.K. as one of the younger members of the team did not fail to put his mark, by scoring 2 more goals with Manish at his aid.

The team along with the owners of MLFC were more that jubilated at their first win, 6-0 against TS, giving MLFC 3 points on the league table.

The second match was between Gen Nutties and Sex Bombs. Amanpreet Singh, the captain of Gen Nutties and Rishab Bhatt the captain of Sex Bombs put up a great game. Both teams were at each other’s throats throughout the match, keeping the crowd on the edge of their seats. Initially, the match was refereed by Ishaan Saran, but was eventually taken over by Rohan Sharma.

It would be unfair to not mention in this game where opportunities were hard to come by, Amanpreet Singh of Gen Nutties in the very beginning of the match turned down a very good goal scoring opportunity, of an indirect free kick in the opposition box since the keeper of the opposition was not well versed with all the intricate rules of the game.

The crowd did not fail to boost the morale of the players on field. Rishab Bhatt came as close as it gets to breaking the deadlock when his towering header hit the frame of the goal post. But the game turned out to be a draw, due to which both the teams only scored one point each.

At the end of the day, MLFC beat Tharki Saints with a score of 6-0. Whereas, the match between Gen Nutties and Sex Bombs ended in a draw with none of the teams scoring.

IMG-20151116-WA0003 (1).jpg
The league table at the end of the first day.

This write-up was submitted by Pooja Kapoor.


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