Kumbra Champions League (Day 2 – Day 5)

DAY 2:
The Second Day of the Kumbra Champions League was very interesting as Charseas made a great entry into the league by beating Tharki Saints 2-0.
The second match on this day was between Sex Bombs v. MLFC which the MLFCs won 3-1.

Day 2


DAY 3:
Third day of the league saw matches between Gen Nutties and MLFC in the first fixture which MLFC won 2-0. Sex Bombs and Charsea FC had a 1-1 draw.
Sex Bombs and Tharki Saints had both dropped off the running for a playoff position by the end of the third day. And MLFC happened to be the first team to confirm their position in the playoffs.

Day 3


DAY 4:
Between Gen Nutties and Tharki Saints, the Tharki Saints lost 3-0 and in the second fixture Charsea beat MLFC 2-1.

Day 4


DAY 5:
On the fifth day, Gen Nutties lost to Charsea FC 1-0. Tharkis forfeited the match and lost 3-0 to Sex Bombs.

Day 5




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