6 Books to read this Winter

It’s the perfect weather to snuggle up in bed with a cup of coffee and a good read. Here’s 6 books you should read before 2016 arrives.

  1. Woman in Arms: The Story of Nancy Wake by Russell Braddon:


In the early 1930’s, a young woman was enjoying a chic and comfortable lifestyle in Paris. By the end of the Second World War she was the Gestapo’s most wanted person. It’s a story of an extremely ordinary woman doing extraordinary things. This is one book you’re not going to want to put down.

2. For One More Day by Mitch Albom:

Many call this the best work of Mitch Albom so far. Coming from the author who wrote Tuesdays with Morrie, this book with mortality as it’s central theme will not only make you count your blessings but will also change the way you look at life.

3. How They Met and Other Short Stories by David Levithan:


For those of you who think novels are too much commitment but still want to do some good reading, short stories should be your thing. A collection of 18 beautifully written anecdotes by David Levithan who happens to be one of the best fiction authors we’ve read, this book will leave you wanting for more. It also makes for a great Christmas present. *hint* *hint*

4. Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami:


This book has the reputation of being Murakami’s best and most popular. Revolving around the theme of loneliness, love (or the absence of it) and friendship, this book is dramatic but in a nice way. Norwegian Wood, once you’ve read it will top the list of your favourite books.

5. A Tale for the Time Being by Ruth Ozeki:

A Japanese girl begins writing a diary which then turns into an extended suicide note. She talks about family troubles, peer bullying and the common issues that young adults face in the world of today. This diary is then found by Ruth, who is greatly intrigued by this woman’s story. A best seller, this book brings you a plethora of human emotions and helps you cope with all the drama life brings to you.

6. Cuckold by Kiran Nagarakar:

A narration of the life of a Rajput Prince who’s beautiful wife believes she is married to Lord Krishna, this book is as controversial as its name suggests. Cuckold brings to you a 16th Century account of history, romance, court politics and human emotions. This book is appreciated by critics and has also been translated to more than seven languages.

The write-up was submitted by Urvashi Brar.


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