Are Hostels in India Sexist?

On a Monday morning in the beginning of September, students of Delhi University reached their colleges in North Campus to find two colourful words — Pinjra tod — scrawled across campus gates, walls and sidewalks. The words, which mean ‘break the cage’, was a response to an online campaign started by student activists from different colleges and universities against sexist rules in women’s hostels, particularly those that disallow women from staying out late.

Through signature campaigns, online petitions and meetings, the movement has been gathering steam. Members of the group have adopted ‘guerrilla’ tactics – they spray-paint messages of resistance on the campus’ streets and pavements in the wee hours of the morning. Functioning mostly through word-of-mouth and social media, the group has been networking for a month now and will soon mobilise student support at a jan sunwai (public hearing) planned for October 10.

Given the fact that our college also follows similar safety nets to ensure protection of women, do you believe that Hostels in India are sexist?

The complete news article is available here:


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