With October around the corner, the internship baton passes on to the fifth years

As we tear off another leaf from the calendar, September comes to an end. Fall is almost here, golden and crisp as an apple, reminding us all its time for change.

InternshipWith October around the corner, the (internship) baton will pass on from the hands of the fourth years to the students of the senior most batch. Although the internship period of both the batches, strategically placed in the middle of the semester, is definitely a good change from the mundane routine in AIL and is certainly a lot of fun, I believe it is safe to say, we all miss Dada and desperately want to go back to college. The feeling of walking back into the gates of AIL after this one month can be described as nothing short of a victory march, with a remarkable internship certificate in one hand and a dozen of Instagram posts (#postinternshipchilling) in the other.

On that note one would like to welcome back the Fourth years and at the same time wish the Fifth years good luck (not that one needs much of it to get coffee for the mentor and to take trips to the photo copy machine). May it be a fulfilling experience for you!

The juniors wouldn’t mind not having one of the two super-senior batches around, but for the rest of us the internship period means not meeting your immediates for two whole months. Well, that’s life in a law school.

The write-up was submitted by Madhavi Sandhu.


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