12 things you will relate to if you are a student at AIL

  1. You know what MPH and BBC mean. jargon-cartoonYou also know the meaning of Buddy Senior/Junior, Atrium and Interactive Sessions.
  2. Board Games in the Cafe
    Hand pulling out wooden block.You have played or have witnessed someone playing Jenga, UNO or Scotland Yard in the Cafe.
  3. If you are a mooter, you are acquainted with the entire Honey Singh discography.
    If you have done a moot or have spent some time in the research cell, chances are you have found the deep-seated meaning in all Honey Singh (read punjabi) songs.
  4. Attendance.
    If it’s the last month of the Semester, you are going to attend all classes in order to fix your attendance. With a whopping 85% minimum attendance criteria, it’s hard not to get detained.
  5. A long weekend = Hills.
    With such close proximity to Uttrakhand and Himachal Pradesh, the  Shivaliks are just a few hours away.
  6. Himani’s Vertigo.
    Been there, done that.
  7. Ganesh Chaturthi.
    Though we celebrate New Years and Lodhi too, Ganesh Chaturthi is still the biggest festival celebration of the year.
  8. Sports Fests.
    images (5)
    Ours is usually one of the biggest contingent at a sports fest.
  9. Fauji Brats.Army-Toys-for-kidsMost of us have been classmates or neighbours way before we joined college.
  10. Being at the dinner table with open hair even at home feels like an immediate sin. keep-calm-and-tie-your-hair-back-6It’s something that most residents of the Girl’s Hostel know.
  11. Bucket Party
    Annual flagship event in the Hostel, hosted and funded by the outgoing batch.
  12. You know it’s a BIG DEAL to wear flip-flops to the mess.
    Because flip-flops are EVIL.

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